Samsung Galaxy S6 Continues To Push Boundaries Like Previous Galaxy S Devices

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was a successful device by most measurements. It took a mere 30 days for the smartphone to sell 11 million units. Of course, most smartphones fail to sell that many units in a lifetime. Critics and users alike praised the S5 for its improvements upon the Galaxy S4. Users praised the powerful hardware, camera quality, and battery life. However, not everyone liked the plastic design and TouchWiz skin. None of that prevented the S5 from being a wildly popular device that still beats most flagships today.

Well-Received From Critics, Beloved By Consumers…Lower Sales Than The S4?

Perhaps the main criticisms of the S5 stemmed from its similarities to the S4. Consumers and analysts alike wanted something new from Samsung. After a few months, it became apparent that the S5 would undersell compared to the S4 by millions of units. A nearly perfect smartphone that found great success wasn’t good enough for consumers. Samsung responded by making radical changes for the followup Galaxy S device. Obviously, those changes lead to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

A Complete Redesign Leads To A Rebirth For The Galaxy S Line

To create the Galaxy S6, Samsung threw out its own playbook. The company scrapped the plastic design, ditched the removable battery, and scoffed at expandable storage. Even TouchWiz was redesigned to not feel so intrusive. From there, Samsung built a beautiful device made from metal with a glass backing. A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was dropped in favor of Samsung’s latest Exynos processor. Both S6 models kept the tradition of packing in the most advanced hardware, including a new fingerprint scanner.

The Importance Of The Galaxy S6 Edge


Nothing surprised consumers and analysts more than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, though. Hardware and software for the S6 Edge is mostly identical to the S6. With two curved edges, the device looks nothing like its counterpart. Those edges are important because a more attractive smartphone has never been designed. What matters even more is that the S6 Edge shows Samsung’s willingness to change and take bold risks. Although nobody asked for curves, Samsung threw the S6 Edge out there, and people love it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 6

A Positive Critical Reception, Consumer Interest….What’s Going To Happen?

It remains to be seen whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge can outsell the Galaxy S5. Regardless, the company has managed to create a radically different pair of smartphones. No device is perfect, but few devices are more powerful or attractive than these two. The S6 and S6 Edge might be transitional devices, showcasing a taste of the bold changes Samsung could pioneer for smartphones in later generations. In the end, the Galaxy S6 line should be successful by most measurements moving forward.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Unboxing & Review

Beats By Dre Tour v2 Review

Since I have been an audiophile for as long as I can remember myself, I am in the constant lookout for the best quality headphones, both earphones and home cinema bulky headphones. My latest purchase, and definitely one of the best ones in quite some time, is the pair of Beats by Dre Tour in-ear phones.

The feature I put on the top of my list, and I am pretty sure the overwhelming majority of users agrees with me, is the sound quality. I am willing to ignore a minor lack of comfort if the headphones are able to offer me a superior hearing experience. This is exactly the case with the aforementioned product. I was a little reluctant at first, because it is common knowledge that in-ear headphones have a pretty basic audio performance for the sole reason that they are built to be easily carried around and also durable at the same time. However, the Beats by Dre Tour pair amazed me with its excellent overall performance and the wide range of hearing frequencies it can produce.

Another awesome characteristic is the noise isolation. I tend to listen to music when I am working out in the gym or taking a long walk in the city. Both are quite noisy environments. All gyms have loud music and every city has a huge number of noise sources, especially from moving vehicles. Miraculously, the Beats by Dre Tour in-ear phones managed to block out the noise in both cases, making my music listening extremely enjoyable.

The pair is made by superior quality materials and the cable has an amazing property. It is literally impossible to tangle. I tend to be very careful when placing my headphones somewhere after using them because the thing that I hate the most is a tangled cable and the minutes I will have to spend to untangle it. This will never happen in our case. I am not super familiar with cable manufacturing technology but the cable of these in-ear phones is, for some reason, insanely flexible not allowing it to curve in a way that would cause it to tangle.

red beats tour 2 impressions

The price of a product is a field in which I never express an opinion since it is strictly subjective and it only depends on the buyer’s spending capabilities. The price is around $150. Some people will say it is way too much money for a pair of in-ear headphones while others will be willing to pay that amount to relish an amazing audio experience.

How to Use Apple Watch

What is the Apple Watch?

So much more than just a standard watch, the Apple Watch is the most transcendent watch on the market. With functions comparable to the iPhone, or a Mac computer on a simple touch screen that is accessibly wrapped around your wrist throughout the day, the Apple Watch continues to astound its users. All you have to do is raise your wrist to allow the screen to adjust from a clock to the app screen. The screen will exhibit a glance of your most frequent apps for easy accessibility to your personal preferences. To locate the array of apps available on Apple Watch, the Digital Crown enables the user to simply turn the dial to move up and down the screen, then tap on the app they would like to open. Or, you can simply say “Hey Siri”, and she is there instantly to help you. There is also a zoom feature on this versatile, waterproof watch. Although you may enjoy zoom for things like pictures, or personal lists on this watch, the high pixel quality of the Apple Watch enables easy visualization of its content. Furthermore, a Taptic Engine literally taps you on the wrist to advise you, or gives you a voice reminder. You can send these to friends or colleauges who also own the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Uses

Of course the Apple Watch has the typical function of telling time, just like any other watch. However, even with telling time, the creativity of portrayals on this watch are astounding. The owner of this device is able to customize their observance of time to their preference, with selections ranging from chronograph and modular clock settings, with different color options, to a utility appearance, where scheduled meetings and appointments appear directly under your clock throughout your day. For visual enjoyment, there are other options for your watch face, such as Mickey Mouse, who creates the hour and minute hands with his own, and taps his foot on the second, a motion picture preference where various species are available to provide animation enjoyment, a solar option that actually displays the sun’s exact positioning at that time of day on a solar trail, as well as an astronomy option, where lovers of the universe can actually see exact positions of planets, and their motions from day to day, month to month, or annual rotations. Somehow Apple has managed to make the basic concept of time an amazing one.


In addition to the messaging, music, calendar, and mapping options that most people enjoy on their phones or computers, these are now also available on a watch. Previously accessible only on some smart phones, the Apple Watch now offers several functions available for quick view by simply tapping the watch. These features include an alarm, timer, and stopwatch that offers analogue, digital, graph, and hybrid options; the weather, as well as the moon phase at all times of the night, and sunrise and sunset times; additional features such as stocks, a world clock, and your own personal activity monitor.

Health and Fitness

When it pertains to this app, it should be mentioned that the Apple Watch is highly water resistant, so it will not be damaged even if you are working out in the rain. There are several functions available which uniquely promote better health and fitness on the Apple Watch. The watch is very sensitive to the intricate movements you make at all times. On the health and fitness app, it documents all of these movements for you. First there is an activity app. On the homepage, it displays a snapshot, of three separate colored rings. The “move” ring displays your calories burned as it moves around the ring. This ring closes when you have met the burn goal the Apple watch has suggested for you, and you can make changes to these goals as you desire. The “exercise” ring exhibits your total minutes of strenuous activity (at a fast walk or higher). This ring closes when the standard goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day has been met. The “stand” ring even shows how much standing you have done throughout the day.

list of apple watches by design and color

There is also a separate workout app, which includes goal setting, workout progress, and a workout summary. You would first choose from a list of activities the Apple Watch has already created for you, such as running, using an elliptical, or cycling. Of course, you can adjust your goals to maintain your personal best. The workout progress facet even gives you encouragement throughout your workouts. The summary displays your total distance, total time, as well as calories burned during each workout.

Beats Studio review – The Unbelivable performance

It was quite surprising when the longstanding relationship between the Beats and Monster brands came to an end in 2012. It was back in 2008 when the Beats Studio was introduced and after 5 years, a year after parting ways with Monster, Beats unveiled a new, reinterpreted version of their signature headphones. In terms of the design and sound of the Beats Studio 2013, these headphones are certainly a remarkable upgrade over the original.

Design & Features

The Studio headphones from 2013 are 13% lighter, are designed to be more robust, and their sound is more detailed. Their ear cushions and their bellow are designed to provide optimum comfort as a result of it offers an adaptable yet snug fit regardless of the shape of your head. The ear cushions will form a reasonably tight seal around your ear but they will not feel too tight, so you will be able wear them for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

Beats Studio Features:

= 3.5mm connector: The connector is compatible with a majority of audio devices that have a 3.5 millimeter jack.

= Adaptive noise canceling: The audio is always clear and crisp since outside noise is canceled and blocked so that the listener is not distracted.

= Auto on/off: Battery power is not wasted this way and as soon as you wish to listen to anything, they will automatically turn on.

= Folding design: These headphones are foldable and come with a carrying case that they easily fit into once they have been folded.

= Over-the-ear design: The ear cushions are made from leather, which makes them quite comfortable, even when worn for extended periods of time.

= Rechargeable battery: These headphones can be continuously used for 20 hours.


The Beats Studio headphones from 2013 do not overplay the bass like the original, which was overwhelming. The sound can be described as “exhilarating” or “stimulating,” i.e. it has plenty of bass energy and detail. There is a bit of treble push too and listening to audio through them is fun. In fact, they sound much better than similar active noise-cancelling headphones from other brands.

While not overwhelming, the Studio delivers powerful bass. The Studio sounds very different from the original model. Their overall clarity is much better than the original. The noise cancellation feature of these headphones is also quite effective, i.e. they will work well in city streets and subways. In fact, these headphones will sound better overall in noisy environments in which they “cut” better.

In simple words, the sound tends to vary under different listening conditions, and apparently, these headphones have been tuned for listening audio while on the move. The USB 2.0 Charging Cable that accompanies these headphones can be used to charge these headphones and they also have a 5-LED indicator that signifies their current battery level.



No doubt, there were many who were not a fan of the original Studio headphones, but the improvements that the 2013 Beats Studio headphones bring with them are certainly quite impressive and surprising. They offer the utmost comfort for over-the-ear headphones. They may not be the most accurate headphones, but the bass is powerful and the treble push improves listening experience in noisy environments. Overall, they offer better value than the original.