How to Use Apple Watch

What is the Apple Watch?

So much more than just a standard watch, the Apple Watch is the most transcendent watch on the market. With functions comparable to the iPhone, or a Mac computer on a simple touch screen that is accessibly wrapped around your wrist throughout the day, the Apple Watch continues to astound its users. All you have to do is raise your wrist to allow the screen to adjust from a clock to the app screen. The screen will exhibit a glance of your most frequent apps for easy accessibility to your personal preferences. To locate the array of apps available on Apple Watch, the Digital Crown enables the user to simply turn the dial to move up and down the screen, then tap on the app they would like to open. Or, you can simply say “Hey Siri”, and she is there instantly to help you. There is also a zoom feature on this versatile, waterproof watch. Although you may enjoy zoom for things like pictures, or personal lists on this watch, the high pixel quality of the Apple Watch enables easy visualization of its content. Furthermore, a Taptic Engine literally taps you on the wrist to advise you, or gives you a voice reminder. You can send these to friends or colleauges who also own the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Uses

Of course the Apple Watch has the typical function of telling time, just like any other watch. However, even with telling time, the creativity of portrayals on this watch are astounding. The owner of this device is able to customize their observance of time to their preference, with selections ranging from chronograph and modular clock settings, with different color options, to a utility appearance, where scheduled meetings and appointments appear directly under your clock throughout your day. For visual enjoyment, there are other options for your watch face, such as Mickey Mouse, who creates the hour and minute hands with his own, and taps his foot on the second, a motion picture preference where various species are available to provide animation enjoyment, a solar option that actually displays the sun’s exact positioning at that time of day on a solar trail, as well as an astronomy option, where lovers of the universe can actually see exact positions of planets, and their motions from day to day, month to month, or annual rotations. Somehow Apple has managed to make the basic concept of time an amazing one.


In addition to the messaging, music, calendar, and mapping options that most people enjoy on their phones or computers, these are now also available on a watch. Previously accessible only on some smart phones, the Apple Watch now offers several functions available for quick view by simply tapping the watch. These features include an alarm, timer, and stopwatch that offers analogue, digital, graph, and hybrid options; the weather, as well as the moon phase at all times of the night, and sunrise and sunset times; additional features such as stocks, a world clock, and your own personal activity monitor.

Health and Fitness

When it pertains to this app, it should be mentioned that the Apple Watch is highly water resistant, so it will not be damaged even if you are working out in the rain. There are several functions available which uniquely promote better health and fitness on the Apple Watch. The watch is very sensitive to the intricate movements you make at all times. On the health and fitness app, it documents all of these movements for you. First there is an activity app. On the homepage, it displays a snapshot, of three separate colored rings. The “move” ring displays your calories burned as it moves around the ring. This ring closes when you have met the burn goal the Apple watch has suggested for you, and you can make changes to these goals as you desire. The “exercise” ring exhibits your total minutes of strenuous activity (at a fast walk or higher). This ring closes when the standard goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day has been met. The “stand” ring even shows how much standing you have done throughout the day.

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There is also a separate workout app, which includes goal setting, workout progress, and a workout summary. You would first choose from a list of activities the Apple Watch has already created for you, such as running, using an elliptical, or cycling. Of course, you can adjust your goals to maintain your personal best. The workout progress facet even gives you encouragement throughout your workouts. The summary displays your total distance, total time, as well as calories burned during each workout.