Beats Studio review – The Unbelivable performance

It was quite surprising when the longstanding relationship between the Beats and Monster brands came to an end in 2012. It was back in 2008 when the Beats Studio was introduced and after 5 years, a year after parting ways with Monster, Beats unveiled a new, reinterpreted version of their signature headphones. In terms of the design and sound of the Beats Studio 2013, these headphones are certainly a remarkable upgrade over the original.

Design & Features

The Studio headphones from 2013 are 13% lighter, are designed to be more robust, and their sound is more detailed. Their ear cushions and their bellow are designed to provide optimum comfort as a result of it offers an adaptable yet snug fit regardless of the shape of your head. The ear cushions will form a reasonably tight seal around your ear but they will not feel too tight, so you will be able wear them for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

Beats Studio Features:

= 3.5mm connector: The connector is compatible with a majority of audio devices that have a 3.5 millimeter jack.

= Adaptive noise canceling: The audio is always clear and crisp since outside noise is canceled and blocked so that the listener is not distracted.

= Auto on/off: Battery power is not wasted this way and as soon as you wish to listen to anything, they will automatically turn on.

= Folding design: These headphones are foldable and come with a carrying case that they easily fit into once they have been folded.

= Over-the-ear design: The ear cushions are made from leather, which makes them quite comfortable, even when worn for extended periods of time.

= Rechargeable battery: These headphones can be continuously used for 20 hours.


The Beats Studio headphones from 2013 do not overplay the bass like the original, which was overwhelming. The sound can be described as “exhilarating” or “stimulating,” i.e. it has plenty of bass energy and detail. There is a bit of treble push too and listening to audio through them is fun. In fact, they sound much better than similar active noise-cancelling headphones from other brands.

While not overwhelming, the Studio delivers powerful bass. The Studio sounds very different from the original model. Their overall clarity is much better than the original. The noise cancellation feature of these headphones is also quite effective, i.e. they will work well in city streets and subways. In fact, these headphones will sound better overall in noisy environments in which they “cut” better.

In simple words, the sound tends to vary under different listening conditions, and apparently, these headphones have been tuned for listening audio while on the move. The USB 2.0 Charging Cable that accompanies these headphones can be used to charge these headphones and they also have a 5-LED indicator that signifies their current battery level.



No doubt, there were many who were not a fan of the original Studio headphones, but the improvements that the 2013 Beats Studio headphones bring with them are certainly quite impressive and surprising. They offer the utmost comfort for over-the-ear headphones. They may not be the most accurate headphones, but the bass is powerful and the treble push improves listening experience in noisy environments. Overall, they offer better value than the original.