Beats By Dre Tour v2 Review

Since I have been an audiophile for as long as I can remember myself, I am in the constant lookout for the best quality headphones, both earphones and home cinema bulky headphones. My latest purchase, and definitely one of the best ones in quite some time, is the pair of Beats by Dre Tour in-ear phones.

The feature I put on the top of my list, and I am pretty sure the overwhelming majority of users agrees with me, is the sound quality. I am willing to ignore a minor lack of comfort if the headphones are able to offer me a superior hearing experience. This is exactly the case with the aforementioned product. I was a little reluctant at first, because it is common knowledge that in-ear headphones have a pretty basic audio performance for the sole reason that they are built to be easily carried around and also durable at the same time. However, the Beats by Dre Tour pair amazed me with its excellent overall performance and the wide range of hearing frequencies it can produce.

Another awesome characteristic is the noise isolation. I tend to listen to music when I am working out in the gym or taking a long walk in the city. Both are quite noisy environments. All gyms have loud music and every city has a huge number of noise sources, especially from moving vehicles. Miraculously, the Beats by Dre Tour in-ear phones managed to block out the noise in both cases, making my music listening extremely enjoyable.

The pair is made by superior quality materials and the cable has an amazing property. It is literally impossible to tangle. I tend to be very careful when placing my headphones somewhere after using them because the thing that I hate the most is a tangled cable and the minutes I will have to spend to untangle it. This will never happen in our case. I am not super familiar with cable manufacturing technology but the cable of these in-ear phones is, for some reason, insanely flexible not allowing it to curve in a way that would cause it to tangle.

red beats tour 2 impressions

The price of a product is a field in which I never express an opinion since it is strictly subjective and it only depends on the buyer’s spending capabilities. The price is around $150. Some people will say it is way too much money for a pair of in-ear headphones while others will be willing to pay that amount to relish an amazing audio experience.